Exposing Turtleboy and Taunton Uncensored

What a better way to expose the Turtle and all of the ‘followers’, than just beat them at their own game?  Anonymously post all of their information and dirty secrets in a neatly organized blog.

Since this information is all freely available online, what I’m doing isn’t illegal.  It’s just never been done because people don’t want to risk their private lives due to Aidan’s knack for gathering an online army of fake Facebooks and causing relentless harassment.

Especially of his former female students, which is what he resigned from his teaching ‘career’ over.

So, Aidan, how’s a taste of your own medicine feel?


Here’s Aidan with Gronk.  As you can see, Aidan looks like the kind of kid who was relentlessly bullied his whole life, using the ‘my dad’s a lawyer’ defense and it, unsurprisingly, backfiring.

Since the spectacle with him at the Buffalo Bills game, where his gestures caused a chain reaction and inevitable investigation into his competence as a high school history teacher (it was a sexual harassment investigation, bordering on attempted rape and indecent exposure, so of course his interaction with minors was investigators), Aidan has been off the radar.

Here’s where you can read about the sexual harassment, with the victim speaking out.

While Aidan decided to voluntarily resign rather than take the label of ‘failed history teacher fired over sexual charges’, like all men who run from fights in parking lots, his time at Shepard Hill Regional High came to an end.

His wife, who does participate also in Turtleboy Sports, is still allowed to teach.  We will get into her later, trust me.  She’s a piece of work as bad as Aidan.

Only, Aidan Kearney sexually harassed a student of his over a difference in politics.

Sexual assaults seem to run rampant with this piece of shit and his wife.  Psychologists say it’s a power play, and I can say with confidence that guy most certainly looks pathetic enough to get off on taking control of women and people less fortunate.

Son of Mary Mullaney, and husband of Julianne Kearney, Aidan writes online on his pitiful 20k a year blog, Turtleboy Sports (nobody wanted him as a sports blog writer because, well, look at him):

Clarence Woods Emerson

Clarence Woods Emerson Jr.

Turlteboy Sports

Turtleboy Refugees

Any turtleboy page popping up is the work of Aidan and his wife.  Since he lives off his family, as nobody would hire him after his leave from Shepard High, Aidan is the white privileged version of a basement dwelling neckbeard.  How manly is that?  Attempting to rape and assault women while living off his wife and mother, posting a blog about people he feels ‘trashy’.

Well Aidan, at least some of the people you post about have jobs, unlike you.

He now lives here, after being chased out of Worcester for his Turtleboy Blog, and the general population being not so friendly about it.  For, you know, obvious reason:

Capture _2017-05-26-21-14-49_resized

He moved to protect his son (entering school) from the real-life bullies and provide a better future for his two year old daughter.  Because those damn brownies (Aidan and his wife are confirmed racists) will corrupt them.  At least, that’s what they think.  I wouldn’t doubt they do a shittier job of child rearing than the crackhead with twenty kids on the corner of the street.  In fact, I would feel safer with my children being with a crackhead than I would with Aidan and his wife.  Who knows what they would try to do to them?  Here’s his wife and daughter:

Capture _2017-04-28-11-23-24.png

She has since changed her Facebook to signal-2017-06-06-143708

She also teaches at McKay Arts in Fitchburg.  Julianne is not innocent in this mess, either.  Probably just as guilty, or more, as her husband.  She gets off the same way her husband does on all this, because that’s what happens when pass-around girls get all washed up.  Right, Julie-cake?

I’m sure her students are soon to be experts in the art of cocksucking for money, and paternity tests (Aidan isn’t sure on who the father of his son is.  He won’t admit that, though).  I feel bad for Julie.  She’s had a rough, alcohol and pill-induced life.  It’s only natural she become as bad as him, and support such a terrible husband.  When you’re as used up as she is, you’ll take what you can get.

Aidan and Julie, too scared to be themselves online and would rather let their hoard of anon internet warriors (whose info I will post later) take care of business for them.  Just like in the parking lot debacle I linked above.

God forbid this rapist have his own dirty laundry aired out.  He would rather ruin jobs and lives from behind the safety of his Mommy Bought House and put himself in a position of power to talk about ‘lesser people’.

So here’s their army:

Alicia DeSousa, manager of the Taunton Uncensored group, and all around prime example of what happens when you do drugs and drink bud light.  She may look sixty, but she’s probably closer to forty.  I know, shocking.  She’s also in a relationship with Jack Gaspar, and they run Hyde Paving out of Taunton.Capture _2017-06-06-14-19-07_resized

Careful, or you’ll end up being slammed by her and her cronies like Danielle; who lives across from that Lucky Star restaurant on Broadway in Taunton.  Due to a video she posted onto the group, it wasn’t hard to figure out.

Which means she’s a drug addict, like the people she claims are ‘trashy’

Capture _2017-06-06-14-18-25_resizedHow these two missing links remember to breathe is beyond me.  I double they can even function above a fourth grade level.  I feel like meeting them would be entirely stressful, because they’re the time to think that yelling means they won.  It’s something stupid people do to compensate for their lack of intelligence.  We should really have empathy for the mentally challenged.

Then there’s RuthCapture _2017-05-29-10-24-42_resizedShe lives on Harrison street.  Don’t be fooled, that manly looking woman who seems to reside in mid90’s Hot Topic is her daughter.  The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.  Her kid was known as the anal slut and Ruth was the best connect for coke and crack back in the day.

But it’s cool, Aidan, Julie, Alicia, Danielle and Ruth are more than happy to air out your laundry if you happen to suffer addiction and face hardships in life.  Someone else had to do it to them.  Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.


This blog isn’t as detailed or insulting as I wanted.  But I have plans and can’t waste away like the losers above.  I got my point across, and I’m sure I’ll feel a bit better about the situation.  I’ll be seeing Aidan and Julie next weekend, and I’ll just have to tell him sometimes shit happens and you need to be held accountable for your actions.  I hope his son isn’t going to end up like him, and I hope his daughter isn’t as much as a whore as his wife.  We can only hope I never run into the other women.  I feel like I would catch something.

These people teach your children.  A rapist, a rape supporter, and three junkies.  They talk to them, teach them hate, they interact and run shitty businesses.

They’re the ones who need to be on Turtleboy.


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